Care Management Program

The ONE Health Ohio Care Management Program is a collaborative patient-centered approach to care that focuses on patients who are at high risk for poor health outcomes. The Care Management team assists patients with medical conditions by educating, monitoring and evaluating these conditions on a regular basis. The team also provides pathways of care to ensure each patient has the support necessary to maintain overall wellness. The Care Management Program is a proactive approach helping patients to reach their overall healthcare goals, leading to healthier and happier lives. 


Essentials of the Care Management Program

Plan of Care: ONE Health Ohio partners with our patients to create the best and most effective Care Plan to manage their chronic care needs.

Evidence-Based Pathways of Care: ONE Health Ohio has the ability to connect patients with programs and other resources to help manage their health.

Proactive Delivery: ONE Health will assure patients receive prompt preventative care services and will assist in the scheduling of routine appointments to ensure their continuously up to date on their healthcare visits.

Team-Based Approach: ONE Health Ohio Chronic Care Specialists will also identify questions patients have regarding their care, condition and medication when speaking with their clinicians.


Chronic Care for Medicare Patients

 As a Medicare beneficiary with two or more chronic conditions, patients are eligible to receive additional support from the ONE Health clinical team, including a personalized call (if permissible) once a month to check in and see how they are doing. 

For questions regarding the ONE Health Care Management Program, please speak to your ONE Health Ohio Clinician or contact Melissa Foor, Director of Care Management at 330-747-9551 ext. 77191.