Youngstown, OH (January 18, 2023) – ONE Health Ohio is launching its new program, Platinum
Health, at its Lloyd McCoy location. Platinum Health is a program designed with seniors in
mind. The goal at Platinum Health is to provide a comprehensive approach to healthcare by
combining medical, dental, behavioral health, physical therapy, and other services all in one

“At Platinum Health, we deliver comprehensive healthcare to older adults with the goal of
preserving independence and improving quality of life,” states Dr. Maria Kowal, President and
Chief Medical Officer, ONE Health Ohio. Platinum Health will focus on preventive and ongoing
medical care for our vibrant population age 64 and up- those endearing patients with timeless
wisdom, twinkling eyes, and endless experience.”
“Platinum Health is a warm and caring clinic that will focus on their health both physically and
mentally as well as their mobility,” states Richard Bailey, PA-C, Director of Geriatrics-Platinum
Health. “We will do everything we can to help them stay in their homes and age gracefully.”
For more information on Platinum Health, please visit or call 877-722-

ONE Health Ohio is a Certified Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) that provides
comprehensive healthcare services, such as medical, dental and behavioral health, across seven
health centers located in Youngstown, Warren, Newton Falls, Cortland and Alliance, and four
RISE Recovery Outpatient Addiction Treatment centers in Youngstown, Warren, Newton Falls,
and Alliance. The mission of ONE Health Ohio is “To improve the health and well-being of
people in our communities by providing quality healthcare, particularly to the uninsured and
underinsured.” In this regard, ONE Health strives to provide quality, comprehensive primary
medical, dental and behavioral health services, reduce healthcare access barriers and improve the
overall health of the communities we serve.