Youngstown, OH (May 26, 2022) – ONE Health Ohio has received a $1.1M Grant from Health
Resources Service Administration (HRSA), with support from Congressman Tim Ryan. Funds will be
used to provide comprehensive health care services to individuals who are the most vulnerable.
“One Health Ohio received an Operational Continuation Grant from the Health Resources Service
Administration (HRSA) for over $1.1 million on Tuesday,” states Dr. Ronald Dwinnells, CEO and Dr.
Maria Kowal, CMO, ONE Health Ohio. “Originally received in 1986, the federal grant helps support
ONE Health’s mission to provide quality health care to the medically uninsured, underinsured, and
underserved populations.”

Dr. Dwinnells goes on to state, “Congressman Tim Ryan’s continued support for our efforts over the
past several years is much appreciated. His extraordinary efforts allow ONE Health’s programs to care
for over 125,000 patient encounters per year for medical, dental, dietetics, addiction treatment and
behavioral health services. This program has helped make considerable health and well-being
improvements in many of our Valley residents over the years. ONE Health is proud of this service and
our local and congressional leaders for their continued support.”

ONE Health Ohio is a Recognized Patient-Centered Medical Home that provides comprehensive
healthcare services, such as medical, dental and behavioral health, across seven health centers located in
Youngstown, Warren, Newton Falls, Cortland and Alliance, and four Outpatient Addiction Treatment
centers in Youngstown, Warren, Newton Falls, and Alliance. The mission of ONE Health Ohio is “To
improve the health and well-being of people in our communities by providing quality healthcare,
particularly to the uninsured and underinsured.” In this regard, ONE Health Ohio strives to provide
quality, comprehensive primary medical, dental and behavioral health services, reduce healthcare access
barriers and improve the overall health of the communities we serve.