ONE Health Ohio is now offering telehealth appointments to patients for medical (adult and pediatric), behavioral health, chronic care management, dietetics, and Medication-Assisted Treatment services (through RISE Recovery). Telehealth appointments are crucial during this time to ensure patients receive the care they require without an in-office visit.

“Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, patients, as well as their clinicians, nurses and support staff have been put at risk while seeking or providing healthcare, says Maria Kowal, MD and Chief Medical Officer at ONE Health Ohio. “With intensifying concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Telehealth has become of paramount importance to provide care without potential Coronavirus exposure. This service is quickly growing and our patients are truly appreciative to receive quality medical care from the comfort of their own homes during this COVID-19 pandemic.”

The types of appointments that can be completed via a ONE Health Ohio Telehealth Clinician include acute health problems, sick visits, prescription refills, mental health counseling, dietetics services, chronic care management and pediatrics. For more information on scheduling a Telehealth appointment with a ONE Health Ohio clinician, please contact 877-722-3303 or visit Various ONE Health Ohio centers remain open for in-office visits and patients are directed accordingly.

Telehealth appointments for Medication-Assisted Treatment and counseling are available through RISE Recovery. Patients can inquire about scheduling a Telehealth appointment with their RISE Recovery clinician by contacting 844-652-8219. RISE Recovery also remains open for in-office visits, dependent on appointment type.